Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL Fixtures Week Ending 7th April 2013 (Southport)

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Under 9 Leopards
SFC Yellow look to be the dark horses with a four point defecit to Trinity but with games in hand.
Redgate Yellow 2-2 S&A Amateurs Red
Southport FC Yellow 5-2 Redgate White

Under 10 Eagles
Birkdale failed to top the division with this draw leaving Colts Blue clear.
Redgate Yellow 0-5 Town Green
Birkdale United 5-5 Formby JSC White

Under 10 Hawks
Wins for Formby Black sees them retain top position and for Redgate Black sees them jump to second.
Colts Red 0-3 Redgate Black
Redgate Green 1-3 Colts Green
S&B Rangers 1-3 Formby JSC Black

Under 11 Harry Cope Cup
Birkdale Black 3-1 Birkdale R
Redgate Rovers 1-7 Formby JSC

Under 11 Premiership
Trinity move to within two points of leaders Birkdale Black.
Southport Trinity 4-0 Southport FC Juniors

Under 11 Championship
Leaders Formby Athletic are uncathable but full marks to Crosby stuart who are the first team to take points of Athletic this season.
Crosby Stuart 1-1 Formby Athletic
S&A Amateurs 3-1 Hesketh Colts

Under 12 Joseph Jackson Cup
Billinge 5-0 S&A Amateurs

Under 13 Catherine Oldfield Cup
Southport FC Juniors 2-4 Southport Trinity

Under 13
Redgate Rovers 1-4 Great Crosby

Under 14 Maric Trophy
Redgate Yellow 1-2 Burscough Green

Under 14 Premiership
Southport Black recorded their first win of the season whilst, at the top of the table Woodpecker stretch their lead with two fine wins.
Great Crosby 0-2 Kirkby Woodpecker
Southport FC Black 3-0 Birkdale United
Burscough 0-6 Great Crosby
Southport Trinity 6-2 Southport FC Black
Great Crosby 4-3 Southport Trinity
Southport FC Black 1-8 Kirkby Woodpecker
Town Green 1-4 Burscough

Under 14 Championship
Jaguars Red 2-1 Jaguars White
Hesketh Colts 9-0 Redgate Green

Under 15 Karen Potter Cup
Redgate Rovers 6-1 Sefton Rangers
AFC Liverpool 3-1 Town Green

Under 15 Championship
Birkdale Black 5-5 S&A Amateurs

Under 16 Ken & Les Cup
Crosby Youth 4-3 Mitch
Town Green 3-0 Prescot Cables
Marine 0-2 Crosby Youth
Colts Red 0-6 Burscough

Under 16 Premiership
Well done to Birkdale with their first 3 points of the season.
Formby FC Juniors 2-2 Town Green
Formby JSC White 0-3 Birkdale United

Under 16 League One
Leaders and sexcond, Trinity and Myers, both recorded emphatic victories.
Myers 9-3 Burscough Green
Hudson Rangers 2-0 S&A Amateurs
Southport Trinity 9-0 Mitch

Under 18 Gordon Hyde Price Cup
Town Green 3-2 Maghull Youth
Great Crosby CPSOB 0-0 Formby JSC
(aet – Great Crosby won 3-1 on Penalties)

Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending 14th April 2013

Cup Finals

Under 9 Jim Rourke Cup

Southport FC Juniors Yellow v Redgate Rovers Yellow

Under 10 Wilf Jenkinson Cup

Formby JSC Rangers v Redgate Rovers Yellow

Under 10 Charity Shield

Ormskirk v Southport Trinity Blue

(Above three at The Rookery, Roe Lane – Sunday 14th April)

Under 12 John Disley Cup

Billinge Rangers v Redgate Rovers Black

Under 15

Hudson Celtic v Southport Trinity

(Above two at Victoria Ground, Burscough FC – Monday 8th April)

Under 9 Leopards

10th April

Redgate Yellow v Formby JSC White

S&A Amateurs Red v Town Green

Redgate White v Burscough

14th April

Burscough v Redgate White

Formby JSC White v S&A Amateurs Red

Under 9 Panthers

Formby Athletic v Birkdale United

Trinity Blue v Hesketh Colts

Under 10 Eagles

9th April

Formby JSC White v Ormskirk

Birkdale United v Colts Blue

Formby Rangers v Redgate Yellow

Town Green v Trinity Blue

14th April

Formby JSC White v Birkdale United

Southport FC Juniors v Town Green

Under 10 Hawks

10th April

S&B Rangers v Redgate Green

Colts Green v Formby FC Juniors

Colts Red v Formby JSC Black

14th April

Formby JSC Black v Redgate Black

Colts Green v Redgate Green

S&B Rangers v Formby FC Juniors

Under 11 Premiership

8th April

Formby FC Juniors v Formby JSC

10th April

Birkdale Black v Formby FC Juniors

Formby JSC v Town Green

13th April

Formby FC Juniors v Birkdale Black

Formby JSC v Southport Trinity

Southport FC Juniors v Town Green

Under 11 Championship

8th April

Hesketh Colts v S&A Amateurs

13th April

Redgate Rovers v S&A Amateurs

Formby Athletic v Hesketh Colts

Under 12 Joseph Jackson Cup

Hesketh Colts v Billinge

Redgate Black v Redgate Yellow

Under 12 Premiership

10th April

Birkdale Black v Billinge

14th April

Bilinge v Formby JSC White

Under 12 Championship

Formby JSC Black v Town Green

Hesketh Colts v Southport Trinity

Under 13

Birkdale R v Southport FC Juniors

Formby JSC v Southport Trinity

Great Crosby v Redgate Rovers

Under 14 Maric Trophy

Southport FC Black v Great Crosby

Under 14 Premiership

Redgate Yellow v Birkdale United

Southport Trinity v Kirkby Woodpecker

Under 14 Championship

Real Waterloo v Redgate Green

Burscough Green v Jaguars White

Jaguars Red v Hesketh Colts

Formby JSC v Southport FC Yellow

Under 15 Premiership

Burscough v Southport Trinity

Sefton Rangers v AFC Liverpool

Under 15 Championship

Birkdale Black v Formby JSC

Hudson Celtic v S&A Amateurs

Redgate Rovers v Skem Athletic

Under 16 Adam Bell Cup

Myers v Prescot Cables

Crosby Youth v Redgate Green

Town Green v Crosby Stuart

Marine v Formby FC Juniors

Under 16 Championship

Burscough v Maghull Youth

Formby JSC Black v Colts Red

Under 18 Gordon Hyde Price Cup

Formby Dons v Jaguars

Under 18

Birkdale United v Town Green

Formby JSC v Great Crosby CPSOB

By Mike Taylor



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