Jonathan Cunningham talks about XtremeSTORM the UK’s toughest challenge in Southport (VIDEO)

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EVENT DATE: XtremeSTORM Southport – Saturday 20th April 2013

Organisers of XtremeSTORM Southport are busy building obstacles in the run up to one of the UK’s toughest  challenges.

Organiser Jonathan Cunningham talks about next weeks event in the video below.

The STORM is one of nature’s most Xtreme events. It destroys, it kills, it challenges.

The STORM is merciless, unrelenting and unpredictable. Do you have what it takes to face down the STORM and charge straight into the punishing chaos ahead?

The reality is most people are mentally weak and physically incapable.   You sit in comfort in front of your TV and laugh down the efforts of the athletes and sporting professionals when they don’t live up to your expectations. But who the hell are you? What have you done that is so impressive?

Then again, maybe this isn’t you.   Maybe you’re an action junkie, maybe you think this is just another one of those events to tick off your list. Wrong. You haven’t faced the STORM yet. You have no idea what is ahead.   XtremeSTORM is new. It is different. It is coming.


At 18km long, this is no gentle weekend kick about with your mates. 35 specially built Xtreme obstacles lie between you and your own, personal glory. You will be burnt, electrocuted and dunked in ball crushing temperatures.   You will climb and you will fall. Oh, and if you like mud – or even better, if you don’t – there will be lots of that too.

Don’t misunderstand, your aim is to complete, never to compete! This is not a race but an achievement of life. You won’t be trying to beat each other, you will work together to beat the STORM.

Never forget your team spirit because you will need all the bloody help you can get. As in war, you will never leave your fallen comrades.

Brothers in arms, you will fight the XtremeSTORM as a team.

Only then might you conquer!

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