Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review ‘Bistrot Verite’ Birkdale Village Southport (7th May 2014)

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Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review ‘Bistrot Verite’ Birkdale Village Southport (7th May 2014)

Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review ‘Bistrot Verite’ (Review 4)

Dear Connoisseurs I am Jacques Aubergine, a lover of good food and drink. I have eaten at some very good restaurants and some very bad restaurants across the British Isles.

I have had service that was excellent and service that I just wouldn’t recommend!

Over the next few weeks you will find my column, ‘Aubergine Restaurant Review’ at OTS News.co.uk

I will review a variety of eating establishment in your town, giving you a frank and candid review of Southport’s restaurants.

This will be your local guide to gastronomy! I will review the quality of the food, service, value for money and ambience, as well as my overall impression.

For potential diners, you will gain a helpful guide of the place to, or not to dine.

The only catch is that the restaurant will not know that I am coming, so you, the readers of OTS News.co.uk will get an unbiased review of Southport’s restaurants have to offer you!

Bon appetite



bistort verve

About Bistrot Verite

Bistrot Verite opened in April 2009 fulfilling Marc Verite’s dream to own and run a small family rustic french bistrot.

Marc was introduced to good food from a young age as his father ran Claudes Patisserie in nearby Churchtown village and fell in love with food and became passionate about cooking.

In 1988 Marc worked at Paris-House in Woburn and at Northcote Manor in Blackburn before travelling over to the Dordogne region of France and learning different skills in Patisseries, Charcuteries and various restaurants including Le Vieux Logis in Tremolat.

Returning to England Marc met Michaela and they were soon off again this time to Belgium where they both worked in various restaurants and enjoyed “moules frites” on their days off.

In 1995 they returned to Southport, and Marc got the opportunity to be involved in the opening of the “Warehouse Brasserie” where he spent 13 fantastic years with a great team of people helping the restaurant achieve many accolades.

By 2008 Marc and Michaela felt it was time to go it alone and two years on their dream has come true with the whole family helping in the bistrot (Claude making sweets, Jacques helping in the kitchen, Charlie helping out front and Louis drinking all the J20s!). They also have a great team of professionals in the kitchen who are always striving to improve the food served. In the restaurant there are helpful, friendly professional staff who will help you relax in this simple, laid back, homely bistrot.

Bistrot Verite is located in the heart of Birkdale Village, Southport, near to Birkdale Railway Station.

There is free parking on the road near to the restaurant (one hour restriction in the day and free after 6:00pm).

We were shown directly to our table, which was situated near to the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs, but ours was a late booking and we had not asked for a specific table so we did not mind as this table was out of the way and not too close to fellow diners.

The restaurant was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves chatting and laughing, with made the ambiance really nice.

The low lighting made for a cozy atmosphere.

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ABOVE: Starter Menu

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ABOVE: Main Menu

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Above: French bread and butter while you wait.

‘Bistrot Verite’ Three Courses starter £6.95, main £19.95, sweet £3.95

Presentation good making the starter appetising.

Starter – Boudin Noir £3.95

The starter was  Boudin Noir Crispy French Black Pudding, apples and mustard mayonnaise.

This starter was presented beautifully; the five small crispy black puddings melted in the mouth and were cooked to perfection.

The mustard mayonnaise went perfectly with the other ingredients of apple and radish making it a really good starter dish.

Starter 8.5 /10

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Main Course: Rib Eye Steak £19.95.

This course although simple was delicious, the steak we had was cooked as requested medium to well done.

The accompanying vegetables were again cooked perfectly.

The pepper sauce, that we chose to have was mild, and coming separately we could add as required.

We were able to change items on the set menu.

Main Course 9/10

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Sweet: Crepe £3.95

Delicious warm light crepe, dusted with icing sugar and lemons served with ice cream again cooked beautifully.

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Casual and friendly full of people who appreciate good food.

Interior Overall impression 8.5/10 They have captured the French atmosphere.

Tables along one side of the restaurant are very close which maybe off putting for couples so best to ask for a single  table when booking if that’s what you like.

The stair case is quite steep and ladies had some difficulty coming down them in heels after their wine.

The Staff were efficient and attentive; they really knew their dishes and ingredients, on hand to give advice and willing to change anything on the menu to suit. Service time was just right even though the place was full.

An enjoyable evening I would recommend you to give Bistro Verite a try, a nice restaurant in the middle price range.

Red Wine: Carafe of Red house wine Price £9.95

House wine passable , went with our meal fine but there is an extensive wine list to choose from.

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Interior Overall impression 8.5/10

Ambience 8.5/10

Service 9/10

Quality of the food, 9/10

Value for money 8/10


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