Is it Raining in Southport Takes the Town By Storm

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Is it Raining in Southport Takes the Town By Storm

Southport computer expert Alex Ashe has come up with a unique concept that is taking the town, literally, by storm.

Mr Ashe, who works for IT Quickly Ltd as an IT Engineer has designed a Facebook page called “Is It Raining in Southport?”

The reason behind this novel idea is that Southport people no longer have to look outside to see if it is raining, they just have to log onto their Facebook page.

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Mr Ashe told OTS that “Social media is the way forward now, no longer do people spend time outside or looking at weather forecasts, they use their Facebook accounts”.

It is believed that the entire town will have liked the Facebook Page Is It Raining in Southport? by the close of the year.

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