Help find Finn a match

There is a recruitment being held next Thursday 23rd April from 10am onwards at BACO, 17-21 Railway Road, Ormskirk in the hope that we find a donor match for 7 year old Finn from Crosby.

Finn was recently diagnosed with myeloidysplastic syndrome  (bone marrow failure).  He has undergone intensive chemotherapy over Easter and now desperately needs to find a match within the next 3-4 weeks.  Time is of the essence and we need to highlight his cause in the hope that someone out there is a match and can save his life.

To register as a donor you can come along on the day to our event or apply by going online to the charity:

Register your details and a swab kit will be sent out to you in the post, swab the inside of your cheeks for 60 seconds with a cotton bud and return by post in the prepaid envelope… It’s that simple!

I do not know Finn personally but his auntie is a tenant in one of our properties as a patent myself I am drawn to do my best to help this little boy live the life his parents always dreamed he would ask.  I will shout it from the rooftops if need be because this little boy can be saved with everyone’s help.



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