Gunners ‘N’ Grenades by Sean Connolly

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Gunners ‘N’ Grenades by Sean Connolly

My first fiction offering and Sledges First Mission.

Available on and .com NOW. Soon to be on

Sledge’s First Mission.   It is the dream of most soldiers to be the best. To join an elite fighting force and be able to perform in any theatre of war is the goal of most British Squaddies.

With it come respect, honour, comradeship and greater courage. I guess ‘Sledge’ is the soldier I wish I had been and there is a little bit of me in him – more of the hooligan than the hero though.   PERSTO TROOP is made up of some of the best and most experienced soldiers in the British Army… and four delinquents.

The latter are about to be dishonourably discharged but someone, somewhere sees their potential and they are offered the lifeline of joining this new elite force.

They must now endure the rigours of harsh training that will either make or break them.

Told in the style of a fictional autobiography, Gunners & Grenades, has humour as well as action and follows the ‘nitty-gritty’ of the everyday life of a young soldier in the 1980’s as he grows from misfit to a true leader, covering his exploits from bars to battle and sex to secret operations which culminate in explosive action with the kidnapping of a Sultan’s Daughter at The Edinburgh Tattoo and a race against time to rescue her.

For ‘Sledge’, our delinquent soldier and his mates, this is both a final chance and a dream come true.

The question is, can they live up to the dream?

SEAN CONNOLLY. Author, British Army on the Rampage (B.A.O.R.) Gunners ‘N’ Grenades

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