Green Energy Soap Saga Who’s Paying the price? Asks Southport Plumber & Heating Specialist K Redmond

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Green Energy Soap Saga Who’s Paying the price?  Asks Southport Plumber & Heating Specialist K Redmond

Open letter to OTS from Southport Plumber & Heating Specialist K Redmond

Large firms take trade stands and lobby at political gatherings and political conferences.  Those with vested interests are offering fringe benefits in exchange for influencing energy policy in their favor. In my opinion these changes and influences on government policy are distorting the policies in favor of a vested interest of the few against the many small installers and energy bill payers.

If we are all in this together please explain why 340 MP’s are getting FREE fuel and who is paying.

Eco Scheme and Green Deal

At no time were small installers consulted over the schemes.  Hard to believe when the majority of boilers before the scheme were selected and installed by small firms.  These small firms have been ignored and sidelined due to I believe by the lobbying large vested interests. THIS HAS DISTORTED THE MARKET AND INCREASED THE COST TO THE TAX PAYER AND ENERGY BILL PAYERS AND HAD A DETRIMENTAL EFFECT ON SMALL HEATING FIRMS.

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Large firms running vested interest cartel could be taken to the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission.  I have tried this, and whilst the administration of and the policy has produced a cartel which is distorting the market and is anti competitive and should be acted on by to the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission they can do nothing as it is government policy.  Please tell me where I can take this case now, possibly the European Commission? The government can easy run ruff-shod over small installers knowing they have little resources to take action. THE GOVERNMENT APPEARS TO BE CONTENT TO DETRIMENT THE SMALL INSTALLER AND TAX PAYER AND ENERGY BILL PAYER IN FAVOR OF CO TOWING THE LOBBYISTS.

Part of the scheme gives FREE boilers to wealthy landlords at the tax payers and energy bill payer’s expense cutting out the small installer by giving this work to the lobbyists and increases the cost to the tax payer and bill payer.  Surely it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide boilers at their own expense.

Many installers working on the Eco scheme have not served a traditional apprenticeship but have attended fast track courses and so have inadequate skills.  Established experienced installers do not wish to work as labour only sub contractors travelling from area to area, travelling hundreds of miles.  They are also given unrealistic targets to meet in the intrest of increasing the profit for firms benefiting from this cartel appointed by the government policy.  Manufacturers engineers who are called out to faults on boilers fittedd under the scheme say over 68% are due to installed faults and poor installation practice.  Manufacturer’s sales teams put engineers under pressure to rectify faulty installation under guarantee as the numbers of boilers sold under the scheme is so considerable they feel loosing such a market.  Experienced installers never or rarely have call outs due to installation faults.

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Small firms are community based and offer value for money service. Is the government intent on driving them out of business with their policies?  With the best will in the world no one can compete with free.  Although some customers who were entitled to a free boiler on the scheme chose to pay a local firm they could trust instead as they had heard such poor reports of the scheme.

Keith Redmond

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