Free Bags for Birds in Kew Southport?

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Free Bags for Birds in Kew Southport?

One week after the launch of Swans Don’t Shop, Transition Southport is delighted to report they are receiving lots  of help, support and positive feedback for their campaign to reduce plastic carrier bag usage in the town.

They are asking local traders to support the campaign by downloading and displaying their poster, which includes a message to support our local traders.

Posters can be downloaded from and

Viv Core, owner of the popular Birkdale greengrocers, Stanleys Fruit Stores, said, “Swans Don’t Shop! is certainly worth supporting, and people should get behind it.

It’s like going back to how we used to shop.

Going backwards is definitely the way forwards in this case. Packaging is a hidden cost for every business, and ultimately the consumer pays for it.

We shopkeepers are partly to blame for giving away carrier bags – people come to expect it. We need to raise awareness of the benefits of customers using their own bags”

“Regular customers come in daily and always ask for carrier bags” said one exasperated supermarket cashier.

“When we suggest buying a bag for life, they do not want to pay.

I’ll be so glad when they start charging for bags – it’s such a waste and they end up everywhere.

One of the many places they end up is in the trees at Kew roundabout.

A number of residents have contacted Transition Southport about this issue, and one resident who complained many weeks ago has only just been told that Tesco has now belatedly promised to do something about their overflowing bag recycling area.

‘It’s great that Tesco actually have a bag recycling area, and laudable that people make the effort to bring worn out bags to the containers, but they won’t appreciate their efforts disappearing in the  wind” said a Transition Southport

spokesperson.  “ Kew roundabout is one of the gateways into our town, and it must make a terrible impression on visitors.

The sad thing is that the huge volume of dead plastic bags wouldn’t exist in the first place if only people would organise themselves to bring durable alternatives with them.

Even if you have no feeling whatsoever for the town and beach environment on which our tourism industry depends, nor wildlife either, the bottom line is that we are all paying for these so-called free bags in the retail mark-up”.

Anyone interested in promoting the campaign or helping make giveaway alternative fabric bags from donated materials can meet Transition Southport at 7.00 to 9.45 pm on Thursday 6 March at Morrisons Supermarket. 

Otherwise, please [email protected]  telephone 01704 575518.

Remember, swans don’t shop, so take your own bags with you.


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