Euro MP Gets Caught Reading!

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Euro MP Gets Caught Reading!

Local Labour Euro MP, Arlene McCarthy will get the opportunity to view the poster of her when she ‘got caught reading’, at an exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels this week

Arlene, who supported the first Get Caught Reading campaign back in 2005 said:  “Having such a stressful job books and reading are my means of escape. I get a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure out of reading and I think it is important that we encourage others to do the same.”

“Books can be a window on another world, a world of opportunity and endless possibilities. They have the ability to inspire readers young and old. Their power cannot be underestimated.”

“The book I got caught reading was George Orwell’s 1984. 1984 has been and gone and it’s been over 60 years since this book was first published, but the issues are still as relevant as ever. It reminds us as politicians that power should be used only to change people’s lives for the better.”

Arlene added: “My niece and nephews love books. Books are a fantastic and fun way of spending quality with children and best of all it helps them to learn at the same time. I always try to bring back books from my travels. When I have time I like to read them bed time stories. The Horrid Henry books are some of their all time favourites.”




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