Emails & Letters sent to OTS News Editor regarding John Pugh ‘The Gagging Law is a silent Outlaw’

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Emails & Letters sent to OTS News Editor regarding John Pugh ‘The Gagging Law is a silent Outlaw’

Dear sir or Madam, and to whom this may concern

The Gagging Law is a silent Outlaw!!!!

By your acquiescence or silence you consent.

ONE OF Your MP’s, John Pugh, has so far voted in support of the gagging law – a law currently being rushed through parliament. If the gagging law passes, it will make it difficult for ordinary people to speak up on the issues they care about in the year before an election. [1]
Which means what 38 Degrees members do, and what the rest of civil society like the Royal British Legion, Friends of the Earth, Christian Aid and other organisations do, is at risk. It seems like the government are trying to silence us – to take away our right to be heard at the very time when they’ll be vying for our votes. [2]
MPs have another chance to vote on 8th October. [3] We’ve got two weeks to try and persuade John Pugh to do the right thing and vote against the gagging law. So let’s start by packing your local newspaper with scores of letters from concerned voters.
At the moment, the gagging law hasn’t made the front pages of the national newspapers, but together we can make it big news in your local newspaper. And MPs really care about what’s happening in their local paper – if we can fill it with loads of letters from worried voters it could help nudge John Pugh into voting the right way.

The gagging law introduces new rules that would prevent non politicians from speaking up on the big issues of the day.

Loads of charities and campaign groups have spoken up about it, not just 38 Degrees, from the Royal British Legion to Oxfam, to the RSPB.

Despite how vocal civil society has been about the problems with this law, the government has been trying to rush it through without proper scrutiny.

Groups that normally wouldn’t agree have been uniting to speak out against this law. Politics is too important to leave to political parties, and in a healthy democracy everyone should be able to express their views.

As the Director of Care-E-Generation a Community Interest Company based in Southport, ; who is the advocate and voice for the most vulnerable people in our society, as the son of a pensioner stuck in a southport nursing home who has no voice because of a stroke,, and not enough funds to get her an I pad and the talking tiles application that would enable her to express herself and be heard…

As the father of two daughters and grandfather to 5 children under 11, and an active contributor to the Southport and Sefton community..,

I am deeply saddened at the lack of concern for the underhand, sneaky and stealthy practices of our public servants, I call out to all you M.P.’s to do the right thing and stand up for the public you swore to serve…just do the job you are paid to do by us.

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