Email to OTS Editor ‘cyclists totally ignore red traffic lights’

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Why is it cyclists think the rules of the road don’t apply to them, I have seen on at least 3 occasions cyclists totally ignore red traffic lights and tonight while walking my dog and crossing Meols Cop Road we were nearly run down by a female rider with all the gear who while cars in both directions were able to stop at the red light chose to ignore it and go through almost hitting myself and my Bull dog, Cyclists don’t have to tax their bikes, carry mandatory insurance or have any kind of training or licence.

If the cyclist had hit me or my dog causing injury what recourse would I have had but a civil claim assuming the cyclist bothered to stop.

They cause congestion on single track roads and cause accidents because car drivers get impatient and pass in poor locations. I won’t go as far as saying bikes should be banned of roads but i think they should have some regulation, insurance and minimum training.

The argument of they can’t afford it does not wash as a car driver for over 40 years i have had to pay for all of the above, if i can afford it or not to use my car.

A very disgruntled Southport resident!

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