Elderly forced into A&E as faith lost in care outside hospitals

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Elderly forced into A&E as faith lost in care outside hospitals

The number of vulnerable patients going to casualty is up 93 per cent in five years as senior doctors warn patients and health professionals are “losing faith” in care outside hospitals.   The number of elderly people being taken to accident and emergency units has doubled in five years, amid warnings from senior doctors that patients and health professionals are losing faith in care outside hospitals.

Official statistics released on Today showed a 93 per cent rise in the number of patients over the age of 90 going to casualty, with the number sent by ambulance more than doubling. Dr Cliff Mann, president of the College of Emergency Medicine, said millions of frail and vulnerable patients were being treated as an emergency because neither they nor those employed to care for them had confidence in GP out-of-hours care. The senior doctor said far too many pensioners were being sent to casualty units, where they were likely to become increasingly confused and disoriented, because they were not treated for simple infections in time.

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