Ed Miliband speech on immigration sparks interest in Left Unity

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New left wing party Left Unity is experiencing a flurry of membership enquiries in the wake of Ed Miliband’s speech on immigration today.

Salman Shaheen of Left Unity said:

“It hasn’t been long since the end of Ed Miliband’s speech, but already Labour members are coming to us saying they will not be part of an anti-immigration party.

“We are putting forward a principled position. We are against all forms of racism and we say immigrants are welcome in Britain. Ed Miliband is just pandering to UKIP’s agenda.

“The answer to low wages isn’t to scapegoat immigrants, but to bring in a mandatory living wage for all.

“If Labour won’t stand firm in the face of UKIP then it falls to us to do so. We invite those disgusted by Ed Miliband’s speech to join us and help stop politics moving ever further to the right.”

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