Don’t Risk It

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Don’t Risk It

Following the amount of snow that has fallen recently and although the roads within the National Park have been cleared, Mountainsafe is urging people to avoid walking in the mountains unless they are thoroughly prepared with the correct skills and tools. Already this week, six people have been rescued from the mountains of Snowdonia.

On behalf of the Mountainsafe Partnership, John Grisdale, chairman of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team said,

There is an incredible pressure on our rescue teams at the moment. It is difficult enough to rescue troubled walkers when the weather is pleasant, but saving walkers in weather like this is difficult and time consuming, and totally unnecessary. When snow is frozen hard, it is very slippery and extremely treacherous underfoot. You should also remember that the temperature in the mountains is much lower than the temperature on the ground and wind chills can be as low as -20 degrees Celsius in the mountains of Snowdonia. To see the conditions that the teams must save face when they are called out, visit

Helen Pye, the National Park Warden on Snowdon, supported his message.

“If people want walks that are more challenging during the next few weeks, remember that you do not have to go to the peaks of the Snowdonia mountains to experience adventure. Snowdonia has a number of suitable walks which do not require special equipment. More information about the variety of walks can be found on our Web site, so you do not have to venture to the mountain peaks this Easter. Remember that the peaks of Snowdonia have been here for thousands of years, and they’ll continue to be here when the weather is better! “

The weather forecast for the coming week promises cold and windy weather in Snowdonia . For more details on the weather forecasts, visit, or  for detailed information about the weather in Snowdonia. @eryridiogel and @safesnowodnia also tweet weather information, changing ground conditions on the mountains, as well as general advice on mountaineering and highlighting good practice of mountaineering.



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