Crime writer Keith Jacobsen book signing at Broadhursts (Northwest Book Festival) within Southport Flower Show 2013

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Crime writer Keith Jacobsen book signing at Broadhursts (Northwest Book Festival) within Southport Flower Show 2013

Crime writer, Keith Jacobsen was at Broadhursts Book Sellers (Northwest Book Festival) inside Southport Flower Show on day 3 signing copies of his latest book ‘Place of a Skull’.

Gripping new novel of betrayal and revenge PLACE OF A SKULL by Keith Jacobsen is published by Thames River Press

About the Book:

During the Northern Ireland Troubles, IRA members Brendan O’Hara and his son, Seamus, are ruthless executioners of informers.  Brendan, betrayed by an informer, is arrested. On his deathbed, Brendan forces Seamus to take an oath to avenge his betrayal.  But Seamus and the informer are bound by family ties.  Can Seamus avenge his father without destroying himself?

‘The twists and turns of the plot bring out the tragedy of ordinary flawed human beings caught up in the Troubles’ – Paul Ballard, columnist.

‘A psychological thriller involving betrayal, Catholic guilt and violence…’ Conrad Jones, best-selling thriller writer.

About the Author:

Keith Jacobsen (,uk) was born in Liverpool and read modern languages at Oxford University.  ‘Place of a Skull’ is his third novel, after ‘No More Sea’ (2010) and ‘Out of the Depths’ (2012).  It is the first of the Furies Trilogy, a series of psychological thrillers on the themes of guilt and revenge.  The remaining two in the series will be published by Thames River Press over the next two years.

Excerpt from the book:

‘Picking up the note and cramming it into his pocket, he rushed to the front door, wrenched it open and ran down the front steps.  He looked up and down the deserted street.  Dusk was gathering.  No retreating shadows, no sound of running.  He shouted.  “Come and face me, you bastard!  I’m not afraid of you.  I know you’re afraid of me or you would have the guts to show yourself.” He had killed, always knowing and seeing his enemy.  But now there was an enemy he could not see.  He could kill flesh and blood but not shadows….He took the note out of his pocket, straining to read the faintly scribbled words. Tomorrow morning.  Ten o’clock.  He walked the streets all night.  Occasionally he was aware of the familiar flutter in his heart which warned him he was being followed.  But each time he turned round he found only silent and deserted pavement.  At seven he took up a position across the street from where he could see anyone approaching the front of the house.  He put his hand in his pocket and fingered the cold metal of the gun.  He had checked it several times during the night and early morning.  This time there must be no mistake.’

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