Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending 1st December 2013

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Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending  1st December 2013


Under 10 Charity Shield

Birkdale United 2-7 Redgate White

Hesketh Colts 2-3 Formby Athletic



Under 10 Eagles

Trinity White 4-0 Formby JSC Black

Formby JSC White 1-2 Burscough

Maghull Youth 1-1 S&A Amateurs Red


Top of the Table

Southport Trinity White 28 points

Southport FC Juniors Yellow 25


Under 10 Hawks

S&A Amateurs Blue 1-1 Redgate Yellow

Trinity Blue 3-4 Southport FC Black

Phoenix 1-3 Crosby Stuart


Top of the Table

Crosby Stuart 22 points

Birkdale United 21


Under 11 Premiership

S&B Rangers Red 2-5 Trinity Blue

Formby JSC Black 1-9 Birkdale United

Redgate Yellow 3-1 Colts Blue


Top of the Table

Birkdale United 19 points

Formby JSC White 18


Under 11 Championship

Trinity White 8-1 Colts Red

S&A Amateurs 0-4 Southport FC Juniors

Colts Green 7-0 S&B Rangers Tellow

Formby Athletic 6-4 Redgate Rovers


Top of the Table

Formby Athletic 22 points

Redgate Rovers Black 16

Southport FC Juniors 16


Under 12 Premiership

Southport Trinity 2-4 Southport FC Juniors

Birkdale Black 2-4 Formby Athletic


Top of the Table

Formby JSC 21 points

Southport FC Juniors 12


Under 13

Southport Trinity 7-1 Formby JSC

Town Green 3-3 Marina Sands

Southport FC Juniors 3-0 Redgate Rovers

Birkdale Black 0-9 Marine

S&A Amateurs 6-3 Birkdale Hawks


Top of the Table

Marine 21 points

Town Green 19


Under 15

Hesketh Colts 9-0 Southport Trinity

Town Green 8-1 Jaguars Red

Jaguars White 2-4 Southport FC Juniors

Redgate Green 0-3 Formby JSC


Top of the Table

Redgate Rovers Yellow 21 points

Southport Trinity 21

Southport FC Juniors 21


Under 16 Premiership

AFC Liverpool 2-3 Hudson Celtic

Town Green 0-2 Burscough

Southport Trinity 1-3 Birkdale United


Top of the Table

AFC Liverpool 21 points

Hudson Celtic 16


Under 16 Championship

Dynamo Rangers 3-0 Birkdale Black

S&A Amateurs 0-6 Marine

Formby JSC 4-3 Skem Athletic


Top of the Table

Dynamo Rangers 23 points

Marine 16


Under 18 Premiership

Marine 1-1 BRNESC Black

Town Green 4-4 Burscough

Southport FC Juniors 6-2 BRNESC Red

Redgate Yellow 0-2 Formby JSC White


Top of the Table

Town Green 17 points

Southport FC Juniors 15


Under 18 Championship

Hesketh Colts 1-8 Southport Trinity

Hudson Rangers 0-1 S&A Amateurs

Burscough Green 0-6 Birkdale United

Formby JSC Black 0-5 Myers


Top of the Table

Southport Trinity 21 points

Birkdale United 19

 Craven Minor JFL Fixtures Week Ending  8th December 2013


Under 10 Eagles

Redgate White v Southport FC Yellow

S&A Amateurs Red v Trinity White

Town Green v Burscough

Formby JSC Black v Maghull Youth


Under 10 Hawks

Phoenix v S&A Amateurs Blue

Birkdale United v Crosby Stuart

Redgate Yellow v Trinity Blue

Hesketh Colts v Southport FC Black

Formby Athletic 3-3 Crosby Stuart


Under 11 Trisconi Cup

Trinity Blue v Formby JSC Rangers

Trinity White v Birkdale United


Under 11 Premiership

Formby JSC White v Redgate Yellow


Under 11 Championship

Colts Green v S&A Amateurs

Southport FC Juniors v Colts Red


Under 12 John Disley Cup

Formby JSC v Birkdale Black

Redgate Rovers v Crosby Stuart


Under 13 John Galvin Cup

Marine v Town Green

Southport Trinity v Southport FC Juniors


Under 13

Birkdale Black v Birkdale Hawks

Formby JSC v Hesketh Colts

Marina Sands v Redgate Rovers


Under 15 Tom Owens Cup

Southport Trinity v Town Green

Redgate Yellow v Southport FC Juniors


Under 15

Formby JSC v Redgate Green


Under 16 Adam Bell Cup

Burscough v AFC Liverpool

Southport Trinity v Dynamo Rangers


Under 18 Geoff White Memorial Cup

BRNESC Black v Marine

Myers v Birkdale United

By Mike Taylor 

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