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Merseyside Police is launching a new weekly YouTube video series following new recruits during their 18 weeks of training as a police officer.

“Cop School”, follows an intake of 22 men and women, who joined the force on 17 June 2013, as they start their training. In total 220 new officers will be recruited to join the force between April 2013 and March 2014.

“Cop School” aims to give a unique insight into the life of a student police officer, right from the recruitment process to the moment they step out for the first time on the beat.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Armitt said: “These videos will follow the highs and lows of the latest recruits as they make the transition from civilian life to serving as a Police Constable. We hope they will give members of the public an insight into the training a new police recruit goes through.

“The series will follow these recruits and their development as they learn subjects as diverse as first aid, social media, arresting and searching offenders and preserving crime scenes.”

Each week, video diary segments will capture the officers talking about what they have learnt that week and how they feel they are progressing.

In week one, viewers will meet four new recruits, Ferne Ellis, Matthew Moreno-Vincente, Craig Pemberton and Nicola Grey.

Watch episode one of Copy School –

– The force will continue to recruit for future officers in the coming weeks, and information on how to apply can be found be visiting the recruitment pages of the Merseyside Police website

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