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Merseyside Police is launching its annual Christmas drink and drug drive campaign on Monday, 2 December and is urging people not to risk their lives or the lives of others by driving after indulging in drink or drugs.

Instead the message is to leave the car keys at home, designate a non-drinking driver, take a taxi or public transport.

With an increased number of parties and celebrations in bars, clubs, restaurants and friends’ houses during the festive period there is traditionally a spike in the number of people prepared to drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

To tackle this issue, officers will be targeting motorists who drink or take drugs and then drive at night, as well as carrying out enforcement in the mornings to target those still over the legal drink drive limit or not fit to drive through taking illegal substances. Officers will be out in force throughout the month and will be paying particular attention to the night time economy and hot spot areas.

Chief Inspector John Hogan said: “Every year throughout Merseyside and the rest of the UK, people are affected by the consequences of drink and drug driving.

“Nationally 280 people were killed in drink drive incidents last year, an increase of 17 per cent from 2011, which is particularly alarming. What often goes unseen is the effect that a drink or drug drive conviction has on an individual – putting aside a possible prison sentence, drivers also face a criminal record, potential job and income loss as well as impact upon families and relationships.”

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Chief Inspector Hogan added: “Merseyside Police is one of the most proactive police forces in UK in detectives drug impaired drivers. We are not just talking about illegal drugs, as prescription medication may also affect a person’s driving if they do not following the instructions. Slower reactions, poor judgment of speed and distance and reduced co-ordination and concentration can all be caused by taking drugs and drinking alcohol. Our message is simple, leave the car at home.

“This Christmas, Merseyside Police officers will be more visible that ever, conducting many thousands of breath tests and impairment tests.

“We want people to enjoy the festive period for the right reasons. A drink or drug drive conviction can be life changing – not just for the driver but their families.”

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Drink Drive Statistics

Merseyside Police arrested 114 people during December 2012 for drink driving

Merseyside Police arrested 1201 people to date in 2013 for drink driving

In 2012, 55,300 people nationally were convicted of drink driving.

Drug Driving Statistics

Merseyside Police arrested 5 people during December 2012 for drug driving

Merseyside Police arrested 88 people to date in 2013 for drug driving

In 2012, 303 drug impairment tests were carried out in Merseyside


Maximum Penalties

Driving / attempting to drive whilst over the prescribed limit or refusing to provide a specimen;

  • Disqualification from driving for at least 12 months (3 years if convicted twice in 10 years)
  • Up to £5000 fine
  • 6 months imprisonment

Causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs;

  • 14 years imprisonment
  • Unlimited fine
  • Disqualification from driving for at least 2 years.

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