“Cheaper car driving on the way” says Chris Davies MEP

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North West England Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies has given his backing to measures to increase the fuel efficiency of new cars driven in all EC countries and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Improvements of 15% have already taken place over the past five years as a result of EU decisions.

The European Parliament’s environment committee have now insisted that the current level of CO2 emissions of 135g CO2/km should be reduced to an average of 74g by 2025. This move is expected to increase fuel efficiency by 45% over the next 12 years while still using conventional fuel vehicles.

EuroMPs have also called for new driving test procedures to be introduced that better reflect real driving conditions.

Chris Davies MEP says that these decisions are good news for drivers, the environment, and the car industry.

“Of course, people with stretched family budgets want to get more miles to the gallon out of their cars, and they will be pleased that there is less harm to the environment.

“But just as important is that this target will keep car manufacturing in Britain and across Europe ahead of the game in technological development, building a stronger economy.

“Car makers admit that EU requirements have played a major role in pushing forward the development of better vehicles.

“Europe’s single market keeps the playing field level and forces manufacturers elsewhere in the world to meet our standards if they want to sell cars here.”




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