Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 9 Television Documentary ‘BRITAIN’S CRIME CAPITALS’

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Charlie Seiga Weekly BLOG 9 Television Documentary ‘BRITAIN’S CRIME CAPITALS’

I was recently contacted by ‘Twofour’ productions who are the company responsible for the BAFTA award winning series ‘Educating Yorkshire.’

They asked if I would be willing to meet with them to discuss Liverpool crime, particularly gun crime.

They explained that they wanted to make comparisons between the way things were in my day as opposed to how things are today.

At the meeting I agreed to take part in the documentary and within a week a cameraman/interviewer and his assistant came to Liverpool to film and record an interview.

First of all they had me walking around the city centre whilst they asked various questions regarding bank robberies and wage snatches.

I explained that I was not trying to justify myself or the part I may have played in this kind of crime but I did want to stress that no ordinary man or woman in the street was ever hurt during any of the crimes.

We only took from the big companies and those who could afford it.

During recording I explained that there was a vast difference between our kind of crime and the crime of today.

Gun crime is happening virtually every day on some of the council estates around the fringes of Liverpool where criminals are shooting other criminals.

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Pictured above: Early days Southport connections-Johnny Rodwell (middle) Bobby Cato (right)

However, I don’t want to put people off visiting our vibrant city of Liverpool as it is amongst the safest cities in England.

I wanted to point out that if a person was shot years ago the perpetrator would be described as a ‘professional contract killer’ and for their service they would receive a large amount of cash.

Nowadays though, you’ve got these criminals blasting away at each other and some of those higher up the ladder would recruit young kids to do this for a mere pittance.

They are unprofessional and some of them are committing these crimes for buttons; more often than not they would do it for just a bag of gear (drugs).

However, that’s their way of life; and if they want to go ahead bumping one another off with guns so be it.

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Pictured above: Charlie takes time out with Paul Rodwell in the Vincent Hotel, Southport.

After all, these street criminals, often drugged up, are only settling scores amongst themselves so as long as no ordinary man, woman, child or any innocent bystanders get hurt who cares if they do kill one another…I don’t!

Towards the end of interview I described in detail what had happened at the time I was about to be executed by some of these scum bags.

I also pointed out that this gang had made a big mistake in not killing me.  In fact this was to prove their downfall.

I always get my revenge on scumbags… no matter how long it takes or what I have to do to get it!

During the interview I tried to explain how the way things are today compare to how things were in my era.

I’ve had no part in the final edit of this documentary so what concerns me is the way this has been done.

The way an interview is edited can result in what you have actually said being totally misconstrued.

The editor may have cut out all of the things I tried to make a point about and so I could be completely misrepresented.

If this is the case I will be very, very, disappointed; especially if they have me portrayed me in a negative way.

Therefore, this is in the hands of the editor due to me having no involvement in the final edit!

As of the 12th April 2014.

Charlie Seiga

The first episode of a brand new series of documentaries called:

‘BRITAIN’S CRIME CAPITALS’ which begins on Monday on Channel 5 at 9pm.

EPISODE 1 – LIVERPOOL (Monday 14th April)

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