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A crime which I respect…

Currently standing trial at Liverpool Crown Court are a gang of modern day safebreakers who used explosives to blow open the cash machines (safes) outside a number of High Street banks in Liverpool and up and down the country.  They stole close to two million quid.  To me these men appear to be professional young men who are highly organised.  This is a crime I respect as historically I was doing it myself!

The reason that I have the greatest respect for the safe robbers currently on trial is primarily that there were no guns used; there were no killings or any violence at all, therefore none of the public got hurt.  The only people hurt were the people who owned the banks… the wealthy bank owners… and let’s face it how many wealthy bank owners have robbed from us; the poor in recent years?

Incidentally, the gang are from my home town of Huyton.

As stated, I take my hat off to these young men.  After all, isn’t it much better than the crimes committed by the low life scum of today such as mugging old people, committing violence against women and children and peddling drugs to youths?  At least these men have not stooped to anything like this which is why they have my admiration. 

It’s funny how history has repeated itself and it s vividly brought it all back to me.  I was a seventeen year old kid with a gang of older men; including my older brother, who robbed banks up and down the country using high explosives.  The crime when committed in those days of 1957 up to the early 60’s was called safe-blowing.  Our explosives were gelignite and detonators.  Like many a professional criminal, in the game we chose to be in and the game that this modern day gang are now in, a grave mistake can be made and that mistake is to underestimate the bizzies (police).  Some of them are clever bastards too and through the use of modern techniques and devices available to them today they came up with the idea of using a tracking device bug planted inside a number of wall safes which were likely to be targeted by the safe-robbers.  Obviously this lead to their downfall as they were traced back to their slaughter (where they money is chopped up) and their ‘tools of the trade’ were found there too.

As aforementioned, these men are currently on trial at Liverpool Crown Court.  Bearing in mind that no one was hurt whilst these crimes were being carried out, (and they were very professional moves that these men did) the sentences they receive will be very heavy… and why?  All due to the fact that this country values money more highly that a life; even the life of a child!

Their sentences will be nothing like the low sentences dished out for the mugging of old people, for the rape and murder of women and children or for paedophilia.  How many times have we heard of the meagre sentences these low life scumbags are given.  These will be no comparison to the long sentences the safe robbers will receive for their crime.

Purely coincidental timing but, my latest book ‘The Jelly Gang’ has just been released as an eBook for kindle on Amazon.  ‘The Jelly Gang’ is what we were called all those years ago and is a true story based on safe robbers of the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  There are similarities between us and these modern day professional safe robbers with regard to the methods and explosives used etc.  What a coincidence… and not only that but, some of these young men come from the same place I was born and bred and from where myself and our circle operated all those years ago… Huyton, Liverpool 14!

Charlie Seiga 

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