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I am writing this blog today to highlight the case of Nathan Kenny, a clean living young man who has never been in trouble before but is about to be put on trial for taking the life of a known paedophile, child abuser and woman beater.

This blog is to ask for the support of as many people as possible to attend the court during Nathan’s trial to add voices to ours in protest of the case brought against him.

The paedophile Michael Fennah, was a known offender, a low life who had a history of paedophilia and child abuse.

Nathan and his sister were just very young innocent children when they were subjected to disgusting and depraved sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Fennah.

They were just children and unable fight back.  The details are too harrowing to divulged, but to follow is an extract from a recent email that Nathan’s family sent to me recently.

Incidentally, whilst supporting her young son this loyal and clean living lady is terminally ill with cancer and as well as the anxiety of her son being in prison on remand for murder she is enduring some very serious surgical operations.

God only knows what this poor woman and her young son are going through; one with not long to live and the other could be facing at life imprisonment.

This is from a recently received email:

‘We are going through such a difficult time at the moment and my poor sister, Nathan’s mum, has cancer.

Nathan is a kind, caring young man, whom we all love and adore and we are with him every step of the way.

That beast (Michael Fennah) sexually abused young Nathan and my sister many times over.

Other women have also come forward to tell us that he did the same to them and their children too.

I’m glad the horrible man is dead but Nathan doesn’t deserve this.

If I could I would have killed him myself!  What Nathan did was not premeditated at all but Michael Fennah would not leave us alone. He tormented me and my family for twenty years; I wouldn’t even go shopping alone.  We were all terrified of him!

Thank-you again for your help, it’s so kind and we are glad to know that you’re behind us.’

Let’s face it… these days, child molesting paedophiles appear to be on the increase and when some of these are arrested and charged they end up walking free from court due to the victim’s evidence not being strong enough or some loophole found by the lowlife’s lawyer.

Many of the bizzies (police) who have arrested these paedophiles are frustrated at the lack of justice being done.  Often, it is said that there is a lack of strong evidence against the lowlife which makes it difficult for the charges to stick they have to watch as they walk free from the courts.

They themselves, especially those policemen and women with young children, find it very difficult to stomach seeing the beasts the walking free from our courts.

At one point a newspaper headline stated that a young man had run over his father in a car the point is it wasn’t his father it was his step father who was an evil paedophile the very one who was committing violence and sexual acts on him and his two sisters.

At first, I myself thought when reading the article in the paper that was a bit heavy a young man running over his father but then when it all came out in the open was that it was an evil

I’m not condoning what young Nathan did but let’ s not forget that this is a young man who is facing a life sentence for the murder of this evil paedophile who ruined young Nathan’s life and many others.

A man who bullied and abused children and those who could not defend themselves and who’s childhoods were taken from them and destroyed.

If it was my child who had been molested or raped by one of these depraved paedophiles I would take the law into my own hands and give them the justice they deserve.

This beast Michael Fennah is now dead, and I for one am glad!

Again, I ask that if any of you feel strongly about this injustice and are able to attend court to support this young man and his poor family it would be very much appreciated.

I also intend to have a journalist attend to report on the protest and the court case.  The pre-trial is on 6th May 2014 and the trial begins on 12th May 2014.

I would be grateful for any support given and will keep you posted on developments.

Thank you,

Charlie Seiga  

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