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After Charlie “Killer” Seiga’s piece on OTS last week OTS (Onthespot Reporter) was inundated with readers telling him how much they enjoyed reading it.  Therefore, due to demand from regular and new readers of  OTS News, Charlie and OTS made an appointment to meet up again to discuss him doing a regular weekly blog.  Charlie will mostly be discussing crime stories; past and present.  After all, he should know about this subject as he is now a successful crime writer.

Pictured above: Charlie inside The Vincent Hotel Southport (Friday 30th August 2013)

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Here then is this weeks blog…


I have just been listening to the news; talking about the turmoil that our country is going through, with politicians and the rest of the establishment. In my opinion no matter what they say, I won’t be voting for any party again as I have no faith in any of them; they are all the same…promises, promises; like that they are going to create more employment, lower taxes, improve schools and hospitals etc.

I believe they are all hypocrites. But what gets me more than anything is…

I was once a high-profile, active villain (in my younger days) and if I was to rob a bank, a security depot or do a jewellery heist, of which I won’t deny I have been involved in; if I was caught committing any of these crimes, I would be given a very hefty sentence of 10 – 15 years and I would be accused of being a ‘gangster’ (of which I have been called by the authorities and media in the past).

Think logically about this. Who are the real gangsters?
Well in my opinion, they are the top politicians, the top bankers and the rest of the fat cats… Getting phenomenal salaries, making millions in bonuses! It is sick, when you look at it. There are millions in this country struggling to have enough food and fuel to stay alive, and these fat cats are living like lords. We have heard many times of them getting caught out stealing and committing blatant fraud… but what happens to them when they are caught? Absolutely nothing! They give their lame excuses; ‘I’m sorry; I will pay back the money I fraudulently stole.’ And this is accepted by the judicial and political system and their friends in high places. I tell you, that wouldn’t happen to the ordinary man in the street; he would be incarcerated straight away. Even if it was a young mother just trying to keep her children fed and clothed!

So I ask you…… Who are the ‘gangsters’????

And I tell you…..Those at the top!!!

Those who make the laws to suit themselves and to cover themselves. I call them ‘legalised robbers’ who are stealing from the people.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a revolution in this country, because there is becoming a divide in our society; those who have and those who have not. It is only a matter of time!

Charlie Seiga



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