Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga Weekly BLOG 5 JUSTICE?

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Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga Weekly BLOG 5 JUSTICE? (Saturday 11th January 2014)

In the past I have been classed as a ruthless villain or a gangster. Well, that is what the Liverpool police and newspapers had me down as. I have always denied ever being a gangster. But I can tell you this; if myself or my friends; that is, good loyal, honourable people from the old school who grafted with me when we were all at the other business (crime), were ever arrested for any of the robberies we committed, the sentences we would have been very severe; especially if a lot of money was involved. We could get 15 to 20 years and whilst awaiting trial we would certainly never be let out on bail.

Which brings me to the present day; there is a high profile case going on right now in the Liverpool crown court where a paedophile ring of eleven Asian men, some aged into their fifties and sixties, are being charged with crimes of the kidnap and raping of young English girls after plying them with alcohol. I hate these crimes with a passion. In my opinion the rape of a woman or a child is one of the most heinous crimes that can be committed. Let’s face it; little girls suffer enough when they get older, never mind being raped as children.

What’s made my blood boil about this case is that these filthy, low life, paedophile beasts have all been granted bail…..they are walking freely around our city! They have been brought from Rochdale and Oldham to be tried in the city of Liverpool.

Obviously, it is thought by some of these so called ‘do-gooders’ that these Asian men would not receive a fair trial in their home town. That’s a fuckin’ joke in itself isn’t it?

No doubt the young girl will be ripped to pieces in the witness box under cross-examination by the lawyers who are representing these vile degenerates. This filthy scum are protesting to the judge and prosecutor that they are innocent. A young girl is giving evidence of being kidnapped and raped several times by these beasts and here they are screaming to the courts that they are the innocent party that the judge and the courts are corrupt and they are not getting a fair trial.

‘A fair trial?’ They are walking around our city whilst the court is in recess; going for lunch and gloating about it. I will tell you this…if it had happened to my child or any of my friends’ daughters, it would never have made it to court; we would have dealt with them ourselves and given our own justice in our own way; ‘if you know what I mean?’

So far as I am lead to believe the evidence against these paedophiles are just the young girls statement…would this be enough to stand up in court? Would it fuck! These beasts know it’s going to be a weak case, especially if their lawyers find some loop-hole to exploit. They will come out of court exclaiming of how innocent they were.

Even if they are found guilty they won’t get dealt with severely; their sentences will not reflect the atrocious crimes they have committed.

However, as I’ve said before; if it was a bank robbery or any other crime involving money the robbers wouldn’t see daylight again, which just goes to prove one thing:


In my latest book ‘VIGILANTE’ you can read of the real brutal justice that is inflicted on these vile paedophiles, as the ordinary man in the street takes the law into his own hands and guarantees that the lowlife beast will never rape or molest any other child… ever again!

Warning: the book contains violence in the most graphic detail.

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