Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga Forthcoming Events

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Charlie ‘Killer’ Seiga Forthcoming Events

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Channel 5 asked me to take part in a documentary.

The production company are ‘TwoFour’ they are responsible for the BAFT winning programme called ‘Educating Yorkshire’ and the recently aired documentary ‘Harry’s South Pole Heroes’.

There is a six part series of one hour programmes due to be shown in the next six weeks.  The topic is gun crime and the two cities they focus on are Liverpool and Birmingham.

They wanted a view point from both sides of the tracks and following talks with the Chief of Merseyside Police on the subject and after following and filming the police out on house raids they wanted the opinion from the other side of the tracks.

This is where I came in.   They wanted to talk to me about the history of crime in the city from the 1950s right up to the present day.

They were interested in how things had changed over the years and how the use of guns had now come into use even on the streets of the suburbs surrounding the city of Liverpool.

The word ‘gangster’ has very different connotations these days.  It no longer applies as it did to the ‘old school’ bank robber etc. active in the 1950s up to the 1980s.

A ‘gangster’ in those days was a man who was respected amongst his community, a man who would look after the good people in his neighbourhood.

We talked about the distinct differences between the past and present; the present very much being guns and drugs.

The so called ‘gangsters’ of today are low life characters who have no morals or empathy at all.

They are unscrupulous in their dealings and have no problem ruin young lives, corrupting the youth of today.

These perpetrators shoot indiscriminately in their communities where ordinary, law abiding, decent people have been injured and some actually killed!

The production company did some filming out and about in the city then they interviewed me at home in the off where I accomplish much of my writing.

They have assured me that they will stress in the edit that I am now a reformed character and am no longer involved in crime.

The first episode of these programmes is due to be shown on Channel 5 in about five weeks time.

I will keep OTS posted the date and time as soon as I have it confirmed!

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