Bubble Squadron forms up for Iconic Display at Ormskirk Motorfest

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Bubble Squadron forms up for Iconic Display

After the fantastic success of a couple of iconic 1950’s bubble cars that wowed the crowds in previous Motorfest events, owners across the region have joined forces to create a full ‘Squadron’ of the little vehicles and are working together on a unique formation for their parade laps at this month’s Ormskirk Motorfest.

Manufactured mainly in Germany by aircraft manufacturers Messerschmitt and Heinkel, with BMW also building the Italian designed Isetta, the tiny motorcycle engined bubble cars were a unique phenomenon of the period, gaining popularity in the UK at the time of the Suez crisis due to their frugal fuel consumption.

While car parades at Motorfest have run in single file for safety reasons, motorcycles have been able to ride two and three abreast, which with crowds packed ten deep around Ormskirk’s twisty circuit has created a unique atmosphere likened by many to the Isle of Man TT or a UK road rally in the sixties, and this prompted the organiser to push the bubble car owners to come up with something special for this year’s parades.

As a result, thirteen owners across the region have come together to form the bubble car squadron – an apt title given their manufacturing origins – not just to display their vehicles but to create a flowing moving display that is constantly changing shape as the squadron ‘flies’ around Motorfest’s afternoon parade circuit.

‘It’s not as easy as it sounds,’ said David Garner, who participated in last year’s event and is Chairman of the Messerschmitt owners Club. ‘Coordinating the speeds while negotiating some of Ormskirk’s tight corners two abreast would be difficult because the outer car must go faster than the inner car making the four abreast arrangement the organiser wanted almost impossible.’

Garner and his fellow ‘ACES’ finally came up trumps with a true squadron solution that has echoes of the Red Arrows flying formation team. The squadron of 13 bubble cars are being choreographed to drive in a solid mass of bubbles four abreast behind an arrowhead of bubbles, the shape and arrangement then changing as they circle the parade laps to allow them to drop into single file, twos and threes at various points, then return to their full grouping where possible.

Motorfest, the region’s biggest free to attend family day out, takes place on Bank Holiday Sunday, 25th August. The event officially opens at 11:00am and town centre car parks are free. ‘Last year I drove my Messerschmitt Tiger 500 around on my own and the applause and reaction from the crowd was fantastic,’ said owner Alan Town. ‘I can’t wait for this year and our formation driving.’

Photo above LtoR David Garner, Tim O’Neill, Alan Town, David Tattersall Messerschmitt, Heinkel, Isetta, Messerschmitt

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