Bring your medicines to Southport and Ormskirk hospitals for a safer, smoother stay

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Bring your medicines to hospital for a safer, smoother stay

Remember your regular medicines when you go into hospital for a safer, smoother stay.

That is the message from pharmacists to the 60,000 inpatients who attend Southport and Ormskirk hospitals each year.

Steve Simpson, clinical pharmacy services manager, said: “We will provide all the medicines a patient needs for treatment during their hospital stay. However, it is important patients remember to bring with them their own medicines that they regularly take at home.”

This is important because:

  • ·        Staff will know patients are safe because they are taking the medicines prescribed by their GP
  • ·        Knowing this should make the discharge process smoother
  • ·        Wasteful duplicate prescriptions of expensive medicines is avoided

Steve added: “Leaving medicines at home can delay treatment because our doctors and pharmacists must establish what a patient is taking before any new medicines can be prescribed.

“We always check the medicines patients bring into hospital, ensuring they are labelled correctly and are the ones the GP has prescribed. We also make sure they’re stored securely with any other medicines that are needed.”

Picture above shows Steve Simpson, Clinical Pharmacy Manager, with examples of medicines thrown away due to duplicate prescriptions

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