Break-in at Southport facility for people with learning difficulties (Hesketh Park)

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Break-in at Southport facility for people with learning difficulties (Hesketh Park)

Police are investigating a break-in at Oak-Bridge Support Services & Horticultural Centre, Hesketh Park, Southport. The latest break-in was on Wednesday night 24th July 2013.

Thieves cut the padlock off Oak-Bridge Support Services gate and got away with about £3,000 worth of equipment including table Saws, a compressor, a petrol disc cutter, electrical drills and other tools.

Thieves climbed over 7 foot metal spiked fencing to gain entry into the yard next to Hesketh Park main Conservatory.

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ABOVE: Workman repairs the metal workshop doors (Friday 26th July 2013)

Oak-Bridge Support Services & Horticultural Centre have recently leased about half an acre of land adjacent to the conservatory for a community project which involves growing spaces for local schools and the community.

Oak-Bridge owner, Ian Burns said: “I just think the people responsible for this are quite sad.  It’s pretty disappointing that people can just be so mindless and thoughtless.”

However Ian is determined the business will move forward.

The facility, which has been supported by Sefton’s Leisure Services, allows people with learning difficulties to carry out gardening.

It aims to give them a sense of being part of a working team.

He said: “I’ve been quite calm about it. I’m placing my anger back into getting the equipment replaced.

In 2009 the place was destroyed by arsonists, and only last Saturday (20th July 2013) an 80ft polytonal, containing plants and equipment was destroyed.

He said: “People with learning difficulties want to have a job and be recognized for doing hard work.”

If you can help the project get back on its feet via donations please phone Ian on 0779 1292 528

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ABOVE:  The team help grow plants etc in the park.

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