Baby hedgehogs’ lucky day at Southport Law firm Breens Solicitors

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Baby hedgehogs’ lucky day

Two animal-loving employees of a Southport Law firm came to the rescue of two baby hedgehogs (hoglets) this morning.

Helen Hornby, a member of the Civil Litigation team at Breens Solicitors was walking to the firm’s offices on Hoghton Street when she noticed the two hoglets wandering around the side of the road on Hawkshead Street.

Helen said: “I became concerned as it is unusual for hedgehogs to be out during the day and there was no sign of the mother. I wasn’t sure what to do but I knew my colleague, Hazel Howard, had volunteered at the Woodlands Animal Sanctuary, so I called her to come and help.”

Hazel realised that, if they were to rescue the hoglets, time was of the essence and quickly made her way to Hawkshead Street taking a box and some towels from the office.  Wrapping them in the towels and carefully placing them in the box, they took them back to the office.

Once there Hazel kept them warm with a heater and a hot water bottle. She then called Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.

A spokeswoman for Woodlands, said: “We’ve had four calls in one day to rescue hedgehogs.  The problem is a lack of habitat for them. We don’t normally come out to collect hedgehogs but since one of our volunteers was in the area, we were able to pick them up.  Generally we would ask that members of the public bring hedgehogs to our sanctuary in Holmeswood.

“Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, so if you see a hedgehog during the day there is something wrong and you should call us immediately on 01704 823293.  If you are not sure whether a hedgehog needs help or not, you can read our guide on when to help or leave a hedgehog on our website

“Baby hedgehogs, such as those rescued by Helen and Hazel, found out of their nest in the daytime, with their eyes and ears still shut and feeling cool to the touch, have lost their mother and are in urgent need of help.”

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The hoglets are now recovering from their ordeal at the Woodlands Animal Sanctuary.

The tiny twosome proved to be very popular during their brief stay at Breens Solicitors, prompting members of staff to make donations to the Woodlands Animal Sanctuary which is in desperate need of funds to continue its good work.

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