£732k now available in Merseyside to support vital community work

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£732k now available in Merseyside to support vital community work

Community groups across Merseyside are being encouraged to apply for funding to help develop and expand their valuable work.

Sefton £56,253 Awaarded £79,184 Available

The latest figures show the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund has already helped allocate £503,978 to social action projects in Merseyside in the last two years, and more than £732,000 is still available for the county.

More than 113,500 volunteering hours have also been contributed to date in Merseyside as projects ‘match’ their Government money

Now community groups are being invited to apply for a share of the £16 million funding still available from the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund by visiting www.cdf.org.uk/neighbourhoodmatchedfund and finding details of their local community panel.

To date the Government has already helped allocate almost £9.7 million directly to over 5,000 social action projects across the country, which has generated almost four times as much in contributions from communities in terms of money, time and other resources including volunteering.

Nationally, a total of £26.8 million in contributions from the community have been matched including over 1.5 million volunteering hours, and £4.5 million in cash.

Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd commented:

“We want to support people who are passionate and have the drive to make their communities better places to live. That’s why we are making small amounts of money available across the country through the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund so that many more people have the means to make their ideas come to life and improve where they live.”

The Government launched the Community First Neighbourhood Matched Fund in 2011 to open up more opportunities for local projects by providing small grants to community groups and local social action projects in some of the most deprived areas of the country. This has resulted in innovative social action initiatives being implemented across England.

There are 600 ward panels based across the country who decide on local priorities and how to best allocate funding in their area. Residents apply to their local panel with a community focused proposal. If approved, funds are awarded directly to the project by the delivery partner – the Community Development Foundation.

Alison Seabrooke, Chief Executive of the Community Development Foundation said

“What I love about the Community First, Neighbourhood Matched Fund is that it is bringing the best out in communities. Across the country we see people coming together to decide local priorities, they’re volunteering in their communities and they are being supported in this with much needed funding. This shows that small sums of money can have a huge impact and act as a catalyst for change.”

The Community Neighbourhood Matched Fund is a catalyst for new activity. Ten per cent of projects have been established since it launched and the programme has reached new community groups, 38% of whom had not received public funds before.

Most projects benefited from 292 volunteering hours on average, building on the goodwill which already existing in communities as 91% of existing projects already had regular volunteers.

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