5 Reasons Women Must Lift Weights to Obtain the Body They Want

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5 Reasons Women Must Lift Weights to Obtain the Body They Want

Most Women think that lifting weights is a sure fire way to becoming a muscle bound, Man-Lady. These same women will go to the gym, jump on the treadmill, do prolonged cardio, get off, do 10 minutes of sit-ups and crunches (to get rid of the belly fat of course), and then go home. These Women will NEVER gain the results they want. Exercising with weights (resistance training) will NOT make you into a bulky freak. The reason men pack on the muscle is down to their hormones, more specifically Testosterone. Testosterone is the main Muscle building hormone that is found abundantly in Men.  Girls don’t produce it in large enough quantities to put on huge amounts of muscle. Men produce around 20-30 times more Testosterone than Women do, and even a lot of Men have difficulty gaining muscle!

Now, you are probably thinking ‘But Mark, I have seen pictures of muscle bound Man-Ladies on the TV and in Magazines!’ Well these Women: either have extremely rare genetics, or are pumped full of testosterone boosters and steroids (or often both). Not only this, they are completely and utterly dedicated to bodybuilding, having the strictest diet and exercise regimen, and taking all known muscle building supplements known to man. So, now that I have put your mind at rest and you are not terrified of turning into the Hulk overnight, I’m going to give you 5 AMAZING reasons as to why you MUST be including weights into your exercise programme.

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1.       Change the shape of your body Other than surgery, lifting weights is the only way to change the shape of your body. You may lose shed boat loads of fat by dieting and cardio, however, your body shape won’t change as it’s your skeletal and muscular system that gives your body its shape. Think about Victorias Secret Models, or celebs like Myleene Klass and Kelly Brook, how do think they got their sexy toned bodies?  By eating lettuce and doing cardio all day, right? Wrong! Along with a clean, nutritious diet, these girls are lifting weights with their personal trainers. So, if you want a toned tummy, tight bum and firm arms, then resistance training is a must.

2.       You’ll burn more calories when resting, even when you’re sat on your bum! Yep! Strength training leads to an increase in lean muscle mass, (but don’t worry, as I’ve mentioned before you won’t  be bulky, just toned and lean). You will be burning more calories, even when you are slouched on the sofa watching TV! Sounds too good to be true, right? The reason for this is that muscle is highly metabolic, which basically means it needs a lot of energy when resting and requires more energy than fat tissue. So not only does your body look good, but it’s now a calorie burning – fat melting machine!

3.       You will still be burning calories long after the session is finished! Your session is over, you’ve put in the hard work, and now it’s time to relax and do nothing. Well, you may be sat back with your feet up, but you metabolism is in calorie burning overdrive! That’s right! resistance training causes you metabolism to spike for hours after the session as your body tries to recover, meaning lots of calories & fat burnt, not only this but your body will still be using calories to repair your muscles 24 hours after the session. This means you will be literally burning calories in your sleep!

4.       You will become stronger than your partner, and now you will be calling the shots! But seriously, although you won’t put on muscle like a man, you will gain some serious strength. When you weight train, the Neurological connections between your brain and your muscles become stronger, resulting in a significant increase in strength. Not only this, your muscles will become more toned and defined, which will increase your strength even further. Now you’re probably thinking ‘Why on Earth do I need to be stronger?’ Well, imagine how awesome it would be if you found it easy carrying around your kid, shopping and bags of sand! Ok, well maybe not the last one but you see my point; everyday activities that you would usually struggle with become much easier. As well as increasing your strength, you will see your posture improve and you will be less likely to develop postural related injuries, such as lower back pain.

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5.       Last but not least, Weight Training has numerous Health Benefits! If the countless other reasons to weight train is not enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that resistance training turns you into a disease fighting superhero, may tip the scales for you! The multitude of medical benefits include: lower blood pressure, decreased LDL Cholesterol (Baddies), increased HDL Cholesterol (Goodies), decreased visceral fat, decreased likelihood of heart disease, and improved cardiovascular health. On top of this, resistance training strengthens your bones and even makes you happier! And who doesn’t want to be happier, right?

So there you have it, 5 great reasons to include resistance training into your exercise programme. Combine cardio and resistance training, along with a clean nutritious diet and you’ll be on the fast track to a gorgeous toned body.

By Mark Poole About Author

Mark is the owner of Transform Fitness Training; a Southport based mobile personal training company who specialize in fat loss and body transformation. For more information about Transform Fitness Training visit   http://www.transformfit.co.uk/

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