41,500 patients admitted to hospital every day in England – up nearly 13 per cent in five years

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41,500 patients admitted to hospital every day in England – up nearly 13 per cent in five years

NHS hospitals dealt with 15.1 million admissions in 2012-13 – or about 41,5002admissions per day on average across England, new figures show.

For admissions per day this is a 1.1 per cent rise on 2011-12 (15.0 million in total, or 41,000 per day) and a 12.7 per cent rise on 2007-08 (13.5 million, or 36,800 per day), according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).3

The hospital trusts with the greatest number of admissions in 2012-13 were Barts Health NHS Trust (237,500) University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (222,200) and Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (220,400).4

Today’s figures are part of an annual report using Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)5, which provide a breadth of information to a detailed level about NHS-commissioned hospital activity for inpatients. This includes trends over time for admissions, diagnoses and procedures.

Key facts include:

  • The highest number of admissions by single diagnosis was for abdominal and pelvic pain where there were 289,700 admissions, a 2.1 per cent fall on the previous year where there were 296,000 admissions of this type.7
  • Hospitals dealt with 295,000 admissions that were wholly attributable to alcohol8 – a 3.1 per cent (9,420) fall on 2011-12 (304,000).
  • There were just over 33,000 admissions for injuries caused by assault9, a fall of 14.8 per cent (5,730) on 2011-12 (39,000) admissions. The latest figures represent almost a quarter fewer admissions than in 2007-08 (43,000).
  • NHS hospitals carried out 7,980 bariatric procedures in treating obesity10 – a fall of almost 10 per cent compared to 2011-12 (8,830). However the latest figure represents a 205 per cent rise on five years ago (2,620).

HSCIC Chair Kingsley Manning said: “Today’s report shows the rise in hospital admissions continues, and when looking at admission trends over the last five years hospitals in England are now dealing with more people than ever.

“Hospital Episode Statistics data provides a rich and detailed insight into secondary care. Our report shows how much the figures vary across different illnesses, injuries and treatment procedures.”



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