4000 Threaten Cameron with Winter of Discontent

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An estimated 4000 people will gather at a major conference in central London on Saturday 22 June to give a voice to the millions of people who oppose the government’s failed austerity programme that has caused the economy to stagnate, wages to fall and social provisions be decimated.   The People’s Assembly will be the largest political gathering in recent history – outstripping the combined attendance of the annual conferences of all three main political parties.

The aim of the People’s Assembly will be to create a mass movement prepared to show the government that it faces nationwide opposition broad enough and powerful enough to generate successful co-ordinated action at a local, regional and national level to fight their austerity driven cuts.

Commenting on the aims of the People’s Assembly Len McCluskey, leader of the trade union Unite said:   “The People’s Assembly is the most significant step yet in building a nationwide opposition to the government’s policies of social devastation. Unite is proud to stand with all those demanding an end to the cuts which are pushing millions into the abyss of despair and in standing up for an alternative social justice.”

The People’s Assembly has been endorsed by over 100 organisations, including the two largest trade unions in the UK, UNISON and UNITE, who between them represent millions of workers across the public and private sector.   The conference has also been backed by thousands of individuals and campaign groups, from pensioner groups to campaigners fighting to save the NHS, joined by over 60 economics professors from universities across the UK.

Commenting on the assembly Caroline Lucas, who will speak at the conference on Saturday morning/afternoon said:   “I support the People’s Assembly because it offers a crucial opportunity for civil society to come together and take a stand against this Government’s socially destructive and economically illiterate austerity programme. It is also a chance to challenge the harmful ideology which claims that public is ‘bad’ and private is ‘good’, and that everything from our health service to education is little more than a market place to be exploited for profit.

With the Joseph Rowntree Foundation warning that tax rises, swinging welfare cuts and wage freezes will push over 7 million children below the breadline in the next two years, it’s time to expose the lie that there is no alternative to austerity. There are real, big, radical alternatives but very few people are articulating them in Parliament or in the media – that’s where the People’s Assembly comes in.”

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