4 minutes 55 seconds. Sefton Cabinet’s Whistlestop visit to Southport.

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A Team of top-ranking Sefton Council officers clocking up over £1000 per hour were dragged up to Southport from Bootle on Thursday morning for a Cabinet ‘non-meeting’ lasting fractionally under 5 minutes at which virtually nothing was said on any item by anyone.

Five out of the seven ruling Bootle Cabinet Members turned up, nodding through a nine item agenda including two items on the seriously-overspending Atkinson project. Scarcely a word was said. Among the items nodded through was a decision to leave Council Members’ Expenses as they are currently. Sefton MBC Cabinet Members are the highest paid in the Region.
Even the ‘private business’ item on the agenda was over in a flash, with Council Leader Peter Dowd spending more time talking to newspaper journalists outside after the meeting than the meeting itself took



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