3rd hole-in-one for Southport golfer Billy Johnson

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Southport golfer Billy Johnson made his 3rd hole in one this afternoon (Thursday 28th June 2012) on 6th hole at Southport Municipal Gol Club. He used a 7 iron on the par 3 (146 yds). Billy said “I’m playing my worse ever golf at the moment and really struggling with my game. As soon as I hit the ball I knew I had a chance of making an ace” I watched it drop in hole from the tee.  The 55-year-old entertainer has recorded two previous holes-in-one in his short golfing carreer.

A few years ago he made his first ace at the Leisure Lakes Golf Course in Banks on the par three 7th. His brace came on the par-3 8th at Southport Municipal Golf Course on Monday 8th August 2011. Now he’s made it three holes in one!

There’s a tradition in golf that whenever a player records a hole-in-one, he or she is expected to buy a round of drinks for all the other golfers.

On the last occasion Billy had to buy rounds of drinks for 12 golfers, which ended up costing him a small fortune.

But most of his colleagues would gladly fork over that kind of money just to celebrate making a hole-in-one.



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