£25,502 Tax fine for Southport Indian Restaurant

ots indian palace

The Indian Palace in Union Street, Southport was fined £25,502 on taxes of  £30,003 for between September 2010 and November 2012.

Jennie Granger, HMRC’s director general for enforcement and compliance, said naming  people who deliberately provided inaccurate documents or VAT returns meaning they didn’t pay  the full amount of tax owned, helped to “create a level playing field for honest people and  businesses”.

She said: “The majority of people pay the tax that is due, but there is a small minority who try  to evade their responsibilities.

“Publishing taxpayers’ names is not something we do lightly but it is part of HMRC’s approach  to combating tax evasion and non-compliance.

“Each person named has cheated the Exchequer of more than £25,000 and that’s unfair to  those who pay their tax.

“What we prefer is that people come forward so we can help them get back on track.

“It is always easier if people make a full and prompt disclosure and co-operate with HMRC. If  they do this they will avoid being named.”


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