Welcome for Dog-fouling and litter clamp down in Southport

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A Councillor representing Southport’s town centre area has welcomed a proposal to clamp down  more on littering and dog fouling in the town through using a fixed penalty system and private contractors. The matter is being considered by the Sefton MBC Cabinet today.


But Southport Lib Dem councillor Tony Dawson is concerned that the priorities of the local community might not be met by the proposals as they are set out at the moment and, as with the parking regime, local residents might consider it as purely a money-spinner.

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Councillor Dawson says:

“The proposal before today’s Cabinet appears to be ‘cost neutral’ and addresses two genuine perceived problems without cost to the Council, so must be welcomed in itself. As councillor for the main town centre area in Southport, I welcome any proposal which will reduce the nuisance of littering and dog fouling.”

“My concern is, as addressed in the report, that the means of paying the contractor means that it will be (actually and public perception) an income-spinner, with the contractor addressing ‘easy hits’ of cigarette butts in  peak hours in the town centres rather than the worst problem which is out of hours dog fouling in residential streets. In order to be effective against dog fouling, there needs to be a telephone answerphone and an email address well-advertised so that members of the public with a particular local problem can contact the operatives involved – and get action.”

Personally, I would like to see the Council employ (preferably directly) a single warden/ranger force for non-criminal enforcement, dealing with littering, parking, dogs, pavement cycling etc. Crucially, any such services ought to be made sensitive to and easily-accessible to input from the local community about priorities and methods of working.”

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